When arriving at the nail salon, the choices seem endless, but not all options are created equal when it comes to the health of your nails. The following alternatives offer durability and strength and are much healthier than dip and acrylic due to the toxins that are in those products.

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Gel nails have become incredibly popular for their durability, glossy finish and no dry time. Unlike acrylic nails that use liquid monomer and polymer powder, gel nails cure under UV or LED light for 30-60 seconds. 

One of the main reasons gel nails are considered a healthier option is their flexibility. The gel formula allows the nails to bend and move more naturally, reducing the risk of breakage and chipping.


This type of nail service is ideal for those who would like adding more strength to their nails. The added strength is also helpful for those who want to grow out their natural nails with the assistance of the thicker gel. This gel is thicker and more durable than regular gel, offering a protective layer that can withstand your daily activities.

The application process for a PURE SCULPT MANI  involves building layers of gel to create more strength. The curing process, typically done under UV or LED light, results in a solid and resilient finish. 

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PURE GEL-X combines the benefits of gel and soft gel caps that cover your natural nails. This service uses premade gel tips that are adhered to the natural nail using gel. The application process eliminates the need for any harsh glues or chemicals, contributing to a healthier and less damaging experience.

One of the most attractive advantages of Gel-X nails is their lightweight feel and customization. The flexibility of the gel caps ensure a comfortable fit that matches the nail curve of your nail. The soft gel caps come in many different shapes and lengths, offering instant gratification with each visit! If you like to experiment with different shapes and lengths or would like to add length to your nails for a special occasion, this service would be perfect!

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Why Are These Healthier Alternatives?

Minimal Damage During Application

Unlike acrylic or dip that often involve rough filing, these options prioritize the health of the natural nail during application. The absence of strong chemicals and aggressive techniques reduces the risk of damaging and dehydrating your nails.

Non-Toxic Formulations

Gel nail products are typically formulated with non-toxic ingredients, minimizing the exposure to harmful chemicals commonly found in some acrylic or dip systems. At PURE NAILS, we use a non-toxic gel product line that makes these services a safer option for both you and our nail technicians!

Gentle Removal Process

At PURE NAILS, we will use an e-file to remove the previous products on your nails because this technique is the safest way to remove product without damaging your natural nail bed. This gentle removal process ensures that the natural nail remains intact, promoting overall nail health and minimizing the risk of damage.

Natural Look and Feel

These nail services provide a more natural look and feel but with added strength. The flexibility and lightweight nature of the products contribute to a comfortable and authentic experience.

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It’s essential to prioritize health and choose options that enhance rather than compromise the integrity of our natural nails. These services are healthier alternatives, offering durability, aesthetics, and a gentler application and removal process. Making the switch and embracing these healthier alternatives can set the stage for the endless possibilities for your nails!

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