There are certain things you should avoid doing before you head to the nail salon for your nail appointment. This ensures that your nail technician has the best canvas to work with. Let’s go over the dos and don’ts of nail care before your appointment!

Avoid Cutting Your Own Cuticles 

Many people attempt to trim or cut their cuticles at home. While it may seem like a good idea to clean up your nails before your visit, cutting your cuticles without the proper expertise can lead to infections and other issues. Leave this to our professional nail technicians who are trained to handle cuticle care safely and effectively. They will tend to your cuticles by carefully pushing them back and trimming off the excess with cuticle nippers. 

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Don’t Attempt a Gel Removal At Home

If you have gel or any nail enhancements on your nails and have decided it’s time for a change, resist the temptation to remove the polish yourself. Peeling or picking at gel polish can damage your natural nails, leaving them weak and prone to breakage. At PURE NAILS we will use an e-file to remove your previous gel polish. This technique is the safest way to remove your gel polish. Our nail technicians use an electronic file to gently and properly remove gel polish without weakening and damaging your nails.

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Don’t Moisturize Right Before

While moisturizing your hands and nails is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and cuticles, doing so right before your appointment can create challenges for your nail technician. Excess oils and lotions on your nails can make it difficult for the polish to adhere properly, leading to a shorter lifespan for your manicure. At the end of your service, our nail technicians will give you a relaxing massage with our very own PURE NAILS lotion and top it off with our cuticle oil! Try to moisturize your hands and cuticles regularly but hold off on applying moisturizer before your scheduled appointment.

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Resist Trimming Your Nails

You may want to clean up your nails before a salon visit, but don’t trim them yourself.  Trimming your nails at home might result in uneven lengths or shapes, making it difficult for our nail technicians to create a cohesive manicure or pedicure. Consult with our nail technicians about the length and shape during your appointment. They will use clippers and/or an e-file to trim and buff your nails, ensuring that you receive your ideal length and shape!

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By following these dos and don’ts, you can ensure that your nail technician has a clean canvas to work with. Remember, your nail appointment is a time to relax and indulge in self-care, so leave the finer details to the professionals. Following these guidelines will not only enhance your salon experience but also keep your nails looking beautiful until your next appointment!

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